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Polycure 3920 High Grip Additive

A slip resistance additive designed to be added to Polycure’s range of solvent based coatings to achieve an R10 (Oil-Wet Ramp Slip Resistance Rating).

  • Achieves an R10 slip resistant rating (Oil-Wet Ramp Slip Resistance Testing) as required by the regulations introduced by the Building Code of Australia.
  • New slip resistance requirements became effective for stairs in May 2014 for some states. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) introduced ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ provisions to determine the slip resistance of all treads and nosing of stairways in all building classes and for the pedestrian ramps and landings of Class 2-9 buildings. This includes domestic houses.
  • A minimum R10 rating is required if the stair tread surface is expected to remain dry, whilst an R11 rating is required if the surface is expected to be wet or become wet at times.
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  1. Refer to datasheet.
  • Interior use only. Timber, parquetry, particleboard, cork and engineered flooring.