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FASTSEAL 3540 Fill & Seal

FASTASEAL 3540 Fill & Seal is a clear, fast drying, high build, single pack sealer to be applied as a first coat on uncoated interior timber.

  • Fast drying reducing down time between coats
  • High build
  • Excellent flow and levelling results in smooth finish
  • Sanding not required if over coated within 24 hours
  • Made from more than 75% renewable bio-based materials – derived from renewable biological resources
Good, sanding is not required
Levelling & Flow
Timber: 12-15m2 per litre Cork & Particleboard: Coverage will be reduced - Coverage is dependent upon the porosity of the substrate
Dry Time
30-60 minutes
Clean Up
Polycure Super Cleaning Solvent 3300
Product Code
  1. Apply a liberal first coat of FASTASEAL 3540 Fill & Seal using a 6mm mohair or micro fibre roller and good quality brush to cut in. Allow to dry for 45 minutes.
  2. FASTASEAL 3540 Fill & Seal does not need to be sanded unless it is required to remove nibs or fur through grain raise. If FASTASEAL 3540 Fill & Seal is left overnight t dry, a cut back is recommended.
  3. Sand floor with 150-180 grade sandpaper or screen back, remove all nibs, fluff and fur. Vacuum all dust
  4. Apply a coat of DURAPOL, POLYTHANE, NATUROIL or AQUAPRO. Allow to dry per directions on the data sheet.
  • Interior use only. Timber or particleboard.
FASTASEAL 3540 Fill & Seal