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FASTASEAL 3535 Clear Sealer & Recoat Primer

FASTASEAL 3535 Recoat Primer is a clear, fast drying, aromatic free two-pack primer for recoating engineered, floating, solid timer or cork floors previously finished with a UV cure, moisture cure or two pack polyurethane coating system. FASTASEAL 3535 is also ideal as a single pack grain filling sealer on uncoated interior timber or cork flooring. FASTASEAL 3535 is low yellowing and rapid drying.

  • Low yellowing, reduces initial darkening of timber
  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent clarity
  • No sanding required
  • Excellent block to resin exudation and efficient isolator to wax extraction
  • Excellent adhesion, multiple topcoat operations, barrier coat
Not designed for sanding
Levelling & Flow
Bare wood: 8-10m2 per lite Recoat: 10-12m2 - coverage is dependent upon th porosity of the substrate
Dry Time
Single pack: 1-2 hours Two pack: Minimum 3 hours
Clean Up
Polycure Super Cleaning Solvent
3535 Part A 10L & 20L 3535 Part B 1L
Product Code
Part A 3535 Part B 3535-B
  1. Apply a liberal first coat of FASTASEAL 3535 Sealer (either single pack or two pack) using a 6mm mohair roller and good quality brush to cut in. Allow to dry for 1-2 hours’ single pack, 3 hours minimum for two pack.
  2. Sanding of FASTASEAL 3535 is not recommended. If FASTASEAL 3535 needs to be sanded due to contaminants or defects it could take up to 72 hours to fully dry, particularly in cold temperatures.
  3. Apply a coat of DURAPOL (gloss only), POLYTHANE (gloss) or AQUAPRO. Allow to dry per instructions on the data sheet.
  4. If further coats are required, sand floor with 150-180 grade sandpaper or screen back, remove all nibs, fluff and fur. Vacuum all dust.
  5. Apply the final coat of DURAPOL (gloss or subdued gloss), POLYTHANE (gloss) or AQUAPRO (per datasheet directions).
  • Interior use only. Timber, particleboard, engineered flooring and cork flooring.
FASTASEAL 3535 Clear Sealer & Recoat Primer