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FASTASEAL 3030 Clear Sealer

FASTASEAL 3030 is a clear single pack, fast drying sealer which is easily sanded and has excellent adhesion to all timber species. Formulated to be applied as a thin first coat under all Polycure coatings, FASTASEAL 3030 provides an excellent block to resin exudation problems in oily timbers such as Brushbox, Tallowwood & Spotted Gum. It is an efficient isolator to wax extraction problems experienced with particle board and minimises the darkening of timber usually associated with solvent based coatings.

  • Easy to sand and has excellent adhesion to all timber species
  • Efficient isolator to wax extraction problems
  • Fast drying product reducing down time between coats
  • Excellent flow and levelling results in smooth finish
  • Helps keep timber light coloured and closer to its natural appearance
Levelling & Flow
12-15m2 per litre - coverage is dependent upon the porosity of the substrate
Dry Time
30 minutes to 1 hour to dry before sanding
Clean Up
Polycure Super Cleaning Solvent
Product Code
  1. Stir FASTASEAL 3030 thoroughly before use.
  2. Apply a coat of FASTASEAL 3030 by brushing around the edges and use a 6mm mohair cover for the broad floor area. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry.
  3. Sand FASTASEAL 3030 with a burgundy high speed pad or 150-180 grade screen back moving quickly to avoid gumming. Vacuum thoroughly.
  • Interior use only. Timber, particleboard and cork flooring.
FASTASEAL 3030 Clear Sealer