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AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek Water Based Floor Finish

AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek is a single pack water based floor finish that exhibits outstanding abrasion resistance that is superior to most two pack water based floor finishes. AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek displays excellent resistance to a range of common household and industrial chemicals including nail polish remover, alcohol, mineral turps, beetroot, coffee and machine oil. AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek is easy to apply, available in a full range of gloss levels and may be applied as its own sealer.

Unlike European imports, AQUAPRO Hitek topcoats have been formulated to suit Australian application methods and climate. This has resulted in coatings with excellent de-foaming properties which can be easily applied with a roller, which makes the transition of applying a solvent based system to a water based system relatively easy, as very few new application techniques need to be learned. AQUAPRO Hitek may also be applied with an applicator bar.

This environmentally friendly coating is safer for contractor/applicators and home owners. AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek complies with Green Building Council Australia.

  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance, particularly when mixed with AQUAPRO 8720 Crosslinker
  • Fast drying
  • Available in matt, satin and full gloss
Matt, Satin & Full Gloss
Very Good
Solvent Resistance
Excellent (with crosslinker)
Water Resistance
Very Good
Levelling & Flow
12-15m2 per litre - coverage is dependent upon the porosity of the timber
Dry Time
Recoat: 1-2 hours - refer to datasheet
Clean Up
5L & 10L
Product Code
8068-1 (Matt) 8068-3 (Satin) 8068-9 (Full Gloss)
  1. Apply a liberal first coat of AQUAPRO 8020 or 8068 or FASTASEAL 3030, 3535, 3540 using a 6mm or 10mm nap roller cover and good quality brush to cut in around skirting boards and edges. Allow to dry per datasheet. To reduce the risk of tannin bleed, use FASTASEAL 3535.
  2. Thoroughly sand floor with 150-180 grade sandpaper or screenback, remove all nibs, fluff and fur. Vacuum all dust. Take care to avoid scratching the surface.
  3. Apply a coat of AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek. Allow to dry for 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Sand floor with 150-180 grade sandpaper or screenback. Vacuum all dust.
  5. Apply the final coat of AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek.
  • Interior use only. Timber, particleboard & cork flooring.
AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek Water Based Floor Finish Dry Slip Oil Wet Ramp