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AQUAPRO 2770 Water Based Pigment Liming Stain

AQUAPRO 2770 is a water based pigment stain designed to achieve a uniform consistent colour that softens the grain definition providing a colour washed effect. Available in white and pastel colours for lime wash effect.

  • Versatile – can be applied over all species of timber.
  • Medium to Slow dry, easy to apply – results in uniform colour.
  • Apply by brush, wiping or applicator before wiping off.
  • Can be top coated with AQUAPRO water based, DURAPOL moisture cure, POLYTHANE two pack, NATUROIL oil finishes and FASTASEAL sealer.
  • Low odour.
  • Non-flammable, no requirements for precautions with oily rags and equipment.
  • Water wash up.
Liming Wash, Puff Haze, Greystone, Butterscotch, Navajo, Ebony, Black Japan & Merbau
AQUAPRO 1320 Slow or 1330 Reducer
15-25m2 per litre - coverage is dependednt upon the porosity of the timber
Dry Time
Refer to datasheet
Clean Up
Water or AQUAPRO 1320 or 1330 Reducer
1L & 5L
Product Code
  1. Reduce and mix enough stain for the entire project before starting. Work from one corner as you would when coating a room. Apply to strip flooring along the direction of the grain. Only cut in a small distance in front of your applicator. Do NOT pour or pool stain on the floor. Excess stain must be wiped off.
  2. Parquetry – apply the stain in an even application across the narrowest part of the floor from side to side until the whole area is stained.
  3. Even application of the stain is essential to ensure a uniform even colour.
  4. Allow the stain to dry before applying coatings (see recoat time).
  5. Ensure adequate coating is applied to seal AQUAPRO 2770 Stain to reduce the risk of sanding through the sealer coat. If this happens, it is possible to reapply the stain to these areas to re-colour the exposed timber.
  • Interior use only. Timber floors, architraves, skirting boards, timber quadrant and beading.
AQUAPRO 2770 Water Based Pigment Stain