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AQUACARE 8430 Floor Clean & Degreaser

AQUACARE 8430 Floor Clean & Degreaser is a powerful, easy to use, water based cleaner and degreaser for concrete floors and previously coated interior timber floors. AQUACARE 8430 Floor Clean & Degreaser comprises the essential first step for successfully recoating your timber floor. AQUACARE 8430 Floor Clean & Degreaser is more effective in removing grease, oils and other contaminants then AQUACARE 8440 Floor Clean Concentrate.

  • Powerful Degreaser – Highly effective in removing grease and oils
  • Versatile – For concrete or timber floors
  • Easy to apply – No technical skill necessary for application
  • Safe to Use – Low caustic, water based, low odour formulation
Pack Size
1L & 5L
25m2 per litre (theoretical)
Product Code
  1. Cleaning & degreasing coated timber floors: Mix 1 Part AQUACARE 8430 by volume to 10 Parts warm water and damp mop floor.
  2. Damp mop floor using warm water with half a cup of methylated spirits per household bucket to completely remove any residual AQUACARE 8430.
  3. If recoating the floor, allow floor to thoroughly dry. Lightly sand to a uniformly dull surface before vacuuming and re-coating. Refer to Polycure label for selected primer or sealer for further application details.
  4. For recoating engineered, floating, solid or cork floors previously finished with UV cure moisture cure or two pack polyurethane coating system, Polycure recommends FASTASEAL 3535 Recoat Primer mixed 10A:1B with FASTASEAL 3535 Part B Hardener.
  • Cleaning, degreasing and decontaminating coated timber floors as an essential first step before recoating.
  • Degreasing and decontaminating concrete floors prior to coating or re-coating.
AQUACARE 8430 Floor Clean & Degreaser