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AQUACARE 8400 Revive Gloss

A clear sacrificial water based maintenance coating for interior timber and parquetry floors. It has been formulated to be applied to floors which have previously been coated with a full conventional solvent based polyurethane, oil or water based coating system. AQUACARE® Revive provides a quick and easy alternative to re-coating the floor.

AQUACARE® Revive is designed for application by both homeowners and commercial floor maintenance operators. It will improve the scuff and black heel mark resistance and help to “bring your floor back to life” by hiding fine scratch marks and other minor surface imperfections.

Approx. 25m2 per litre (theoretical)
Dry Time
1 hour Full Cure: Overnight
Clean Up
Product Code
  1. With a water damp mop, squeegee or water based applicator apply an even coat of AQUACARE Revive. Allow to dry completely (approx. one hour).
  2. Apply a second coat and allow to dry completely.
  3. For best results apply a third coat.
  • Interior use only. Maintenance coat over previously coated interior timber flooring or particleboard flooring.
AQUACARE 8400 Revive Dry Slip