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AQUAPRO 8290 Recoat Primer Finish

A two pack product designed to provide excellent adhesion over prefinished flooring when sanding may not be possible e.g. distressed, brushed or textured finishes. Ideal for use when the floor starts to show signs of wear and needs to be refurbished or if the gloss level is to be changed.

  • Easy to use system
  • Fast dry, 2 hour recoat
  • Water based, low odour
  • Water wash up
  • Dual use:
    • Primer – Use as a primer, overcoat with AQUAPRO topcoat.
    • Finish – Use as a single coat topcoat to achieve a matt finish.
20m2 per litre - coverage is dependent upon the porosity of the timber
Clean Up
Part A 2L Part B 200ml
Product Code
Part A 8290 Part B 8790
  1. Damp mop floor with warm water and half a cup of methylated spirits per household bucket to completely remove any residual AQUACARE 8430. Allow to dry. Vacuum floor to remove dust and debris.
  2. Apply a coat of mixed AQUAPRO 8290 Recoat Primer using a flat pad applicator. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply a coat of AQUAPRO 8270 2K Advance Topcoat in the gloss level of your choice.
  • Interior use only. Prefinished timber flooring, floating floors.
AQUAPRO 8290 Recoat Primer Finish