Caring for your Newly Coated Timber Floor

Caring for your Newly Coated Timber Floor

After your floor has been coated, be sure to follow the guidelines below to minimise the risk of scratching and scuffing.

  1. Walking on Floor with Socks or Stockings: 24 hours
  2. Replacing Furniture: 2-3 days (longer if possible)
  3. Replacing Mats and Rugs: 3-4 weeks
  4. Damp Mopping: 2-4 weeks

When the floor is dry enough to walk on (normally 24 hours), open all the doors and windows to circulate the air. This is important to ensure proper curing of the coating.

To make sure your floor is kept in good condition:

  1. Place door mats outside all entrances and ideally a soft mat inside each entrance to help remove sand, grit and small stones from shoes. When sand and grit is walked over the floor it is abrasive and acts like sandpaper and will damage the floor.
  2. If possible, use mats in high traffic area e.g. near and/or oven and hot plates.
  3. Use protectors on furniture legs.
  4. Keep pet claws trimmed to minimise scratching. Read More
  5. Regularly sweep the floor with an anti static mop to prevent the build-up of grit. Be careful with vacuum cleaners as the cleaning heads could scratch the floor.
  6. Remove any spills immediately and spot clean as required.
  7. To avoid direct sunlight and to reduce fading and discolourtion of the coating, use blinds and curtains.
  8. Wash the floor as required with pH neutral cleaner designed for timber floors such as AQUACARE 8440 Floor Clean Concentrate.
  9. Do not use methylated spirits.
  10. Do not use too much water whilst mopping, (damp mop only) as too much moisture can damage the timber. Read More
  11. Do not use polishes or household cleaners as they may damage the floor.
  12. Avoid dragging furniture over timber floors.
  13. Avoid walking on the floor with stilettos at all times as these can dent the floor.

Keep this coating information handy for when you need to recoat the floor. (Caring for your Timber Floor) Knowing what product is on the floor will make recoating much easier as you can inform your floor sander of the coating system that was used previously and a compatible product can be chosen. If the floor is badly damage it will need to be re-sanded before coating.

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