FASTASEAL 3030 Clear Sealer

Data Sheet
FASTASEAL 3030 is a clear single pack, fast drying sealer which is easily sanded and has excellent adhesion to all timber species. Formulated to be applied as a thin first coat under all Polycure coatings, FASTASEAL 3030 provides an excellent block to resin exudation problems in oily timbers such as Brushbox, Tallowwood & Spotted Gum. It is an efficient isolator to wax extraction problems experienced with particle board and minimises the darkening of timber usually associated with solvent based coatings.

FASTASEAL 3535 Recoat Primer

Data Sheet
FASTASEAL 3535 Recoat Primer is a clear, fast drying, aromatic free two-pack primer for recoating engineered, floating, solid timer or cork floors previously finished with a UV cure, moisture cure or two pack polyurethane coating system. FASTASEAL 3535 is also ideal as a single pack grain filling sealer on uncoated interior timber or cork flooring. FASTASEAL 3535 is low yellowing and rapid drying.

FASTSEAL 3540 Fill & Seal

FASTASEAL 3540 Fill & Seal is a clear, fast drying, high build, single pack sealer to be applied as a first coat on uncoated interior timber.